Saudi Arabi

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a new tourism destination – the country has opened its borders to visitors not a long ago. The Kingdom is a birthplace of Islam and religion mecca. Every tourist gets a chance to become a true explorer. Visit ancient AlUla remains, situated deep in the desert in the northwestern region of the country. AlUla is a heritage of 7000 years of human civilization combined with modernity. There you will see natural rock formations and canyons, as well as capabilities for adventure sports and avant-garde art installations. Historical parts of AlUla are under UNESCO protection. Find yourself on The Multicultural Souqs of Jeddah, where every inch is permeated with national culture. It is not just a regular shopping, but a real local experience.

Start your trip in the capital of The Kingdom Riyadh city – 7 million metropolis, where skyscrapers grow faster than trees. Here you will see the futuristic skyscraper Burj Al-Mamlaka – 99 floors with offices and luxury apartments. Continue on one of the coastal resorts – Saudi Arabia is bordered by the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. The most popular among tourists are Yanbu Al-Bahr by the Red Sea and Al Fanateer Beach by the Persian Gulf. Rich underwater fauna makes these resorts ideal for fishing and scuba diving. Moving deeper into the country, explore Saudi’s largest Oasis Al Ahsa. Oasis is located in the country’s Eastern Province and it strikes from the first sight with 30 million vivid green palm trees – the world’s largest date farm. One thing that should not be missed out is the regulation of the local government – alcohol is forbidden throughout the country.